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Projects are sketches of screens running or to be executed. The figures, images, drawings and scribbles below present the idea of the screen, still without definition of color nor size. The presentation of these sketches, aims to provide the visitor and client with the possibility of evolution of the projected creation in the final painting. It aims to provide ideas of canvases for purchase, but discussing and building with the painter, adjusting colors and shapes - is a very interesting experience for both. The basic dimensions of the screens displayed (in inches), vertically or horizontally, are 18x18, 18x36, 36x36, 36x54, 36x72, 36x144 etc. Other dimensions can be executed as required.
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Anima and the Fan (Acrylic 36x36in)

Anima e Leque, is based on a woman silhouette (Anima), present in all the paintings in this series. The head is represented by the waning moon (emotion and sensitivity), but with a sharp point. The heart with a lot of blood, and acute (aggressive) elements. Next to the silhouette, a knife (aggressive element). And on the left, the Creator's eye, crying as he crossed the tip of the knife. In short, a lot of aggressiveness, sensitivity and femininity.