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I was born at 11:15 a.m., on June 27, 1957, in the city of Rio Grande, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, very close to the sea. Registered under the name of Renato Arcanjo Votto de Oliveira (Renato of my brother, Edison Renato, and Archangel of my father, Ivan Archanjo). A brief curiosity - my name throughout the gestation, according to Dona Rosa's wish, my mother, was Marco Antonio - things of destiny. I lived in this port city of Rio Grande, where the inhabitants are known as "papareia", until the age of five, when we left for Porto Alegre (big city), capital of the state.


In Porto Alegre, known as "Smile City", I learned a lot of what I think I know and believe I am today. I have lived from Roman Catholic Apostolic and Orthodox Catholicism, passing through Kardecist Spiritism, to what I call Jungian Spirituality (C.G Jung). I was political articulator, founder and party leader, associative leader, syndicate, union delegate up, leader of Kardecista Spiritist Center and disarticulator of tones and musical notes. I was a teenager who at thirteen sold my guitar to buy a watch and work as an Office Boy in a suit and tie, a social shoe, and everything. I became a successful Public Company employee. At thirty-six I threw in the towel, left a promising career, sold all the watches, threw away all the black shoes, and bought a guitar again, rescuing a lighter living standard. It was a long "probatory" stage.


I broke  bond with the city, state, culture, people, woman, girlfriend, etc ... And of my own free will, an isolated act of self-love (with self help plus the providential help of an excellent Psychiatrist / Analyst) the realization of my childhood and youth dreams that I am sure of today are the truest, and I continue to go to the Wonderful City of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro to experience my almost "second life" in this existence, or perhaps, of its own. And in this land of Angels, Archangels and Bacchus too, where I plant everything, I am rooted in such a way ("for now") that I intend to perform here my rite of passage, with my ashes thrown "against the wind" in the marvels of Copacabana’s Beach, in a night of full moon and starry sky, to the sound of some pearls like our true National Anthem (sang in Brazil) sung in chorinho rhythm, Hino da Portela (It was a river that passed in my life) I know that I'm going to love you, Say Gonzalez and things like that, and to universalize the rite, something from Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Cold Play, Public Enemy, Chamillionari, NAS, Notorious BIG, Dr. Dree (HIP HOP from "Root") to warm up and dance - "thank you ... well in advance." By the way, all this was what I thought a few years ago ...... everything has changed !!!!! I don’t think I want to die anymore!!!!!! Nor be veiled, let alone be burned....... that is not necessary to throw my ashes against the wind ........... let it be eternal!!!!!!!!!!!


Nothing better than breaking with our own beliefs and creeds !!!!!


Returning to the brief history ....................... After the year 2001, we moved to Camboinhas Beach, almost by the sea, city of Niterói, 20 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. With the direct impression of Copacabana beach, the places that I identify myself since the first contact in such a way that the impression I had when I’ve arrived (Rio-Niterói, Niterói-Rio), was that I was returning home, and fellowship with my neighbors. I often say that Copacabana, and what it represents with its exercise of everyday unique democracy, with its anarchic organization, its permanent self-training, its miscegenation vocation, its “bairrismo” on the one hand and universalism on the other awakened in me the desire to experience Rio and Camboinhas with its waters and its amalgam, its geography almost perfect and its tranquility reception of a will to anchor, almost that shipwreck (like the ship that here sank, giving the name to the place - Ship Camboinhas) in the lands and waters of Niterói - habitat of warrior Indians and resistant to external domination.


Today, in my story, my restlessness, led me to seek new horizons, and in a small and small adjustment in my life, I am today, together with my wonderful family, living where? ... At where? ... In Weston, Florida USA. Since 2017 we were looking forward to live in another country. We visited other cultures/countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy, and we decided now, recently, I fiz momenyary anchor in the lands of Tio Sam ........ Why?? Why?? Why?? Nor do I know well ... But if we list rationally the relation of the positive and negative aspects of living in Rio de Janeiro, and do the same exercise of living in Florida (Miami-Weston-Fort Lauderdale), the result gives around 10 to 1 in favor of Tio Sam's land !!!! We deserve to live in a respectful environment !!!! The word is "RESPECT" in all its instances where this brief and simple word fits ..... Respect for the people, respect for the right to come and go, respect for taxpayers, respect for old and children, respect for the consumer, respect to voters, respect for the vote, respect for democracy, respect for justice .... "RESPECT”... What, besides being a cultural and educational issue, is a matter of law and justice. That's it... Until when, I don’t know !!!!!!!


My academic background is in Electronic Engineering, graduated in 1982 at PUC / RS - "I studied a lot, very much" !!!!!. I worked in several companies in Porto Alegre as Crefisul, Central Furniture, JH Santos, Incosul, Adubos Trevo, Polimax ("a lot"). And finally Banking or Economist of Caixa Econômica Federal (a large company of the Brazilian government) since 1981, oscillating my professional development in this secular institution between the most rational area of ​​technology, where almost everyone knows almost everything and the area of logistics, where everyone is absolutely sure to know what is best for others - and in the open hours, I try to be an "almost" faithful interlocutor of my unconscious and / or spirit and / or mind, anxious to make my/our/your truths, ideas and ideals through art in general - painting, music, poetry, dance, literary reverie and all that comes. Today I am retired, dedicating myself exclusively to the crowning of the formation of the family, formation of the children, to the arts and mainly to idleness ... Yes the idleness of Domenico di Masi !!!!


A happy, faithful, responsible, honest and dedicated husband and father of the family, faithful and trustworthy spouse of Dona Aurelina Dona Aurelina, a real and lawful companion (23 years old), known by the nicknames of Aninha, Lina, Aure, Amorosa, “Moreco”... Mulata,. wonderful, Minas Gerais Girl from Minas Gerais, who enchanted me at first glance and exuberant smiles full of life. Proud father of four children full of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, all very intelligent and educated... To know ... Ana Luiza (1997), very feminine woman, vain, classic and type ‘I arrived pretending that does not want to be noticed’; - Erê Arcanjo (2001), a disciplined young man, educated, sportsman, witty, playful on the one hand and very serious, look differentiated and look like the father; Danielle (2003), little girl, affectionate, fighty girl, strong personality, kind of little invoked; - and last but not least, Karina (2005), Indian girl, sportsgirl, like her mother and personality of the father, play and smile a lot, as I have never noticed in another child - I have smiled a lot since the four months - kind of playful, devious and witty.


About this Site and my artistic production in painting (oil, acrylic and other things on canvas), it all started when my daughter Ana Luiza was still in her mother's womb. We were looking for decorative elements for her room. And specifically, I was looking for painting canvases with the colors of the Brazilian flag. And because I couldn’t find anything of my taste, I decided to paint (myself). "Yes ... I'll paint! That’s right!" The light shone, the earth trembled, pigeons fluttered around the building, dinosaurs jumped on the Thames, Dalí, Daquí and Da Vinci loosened the shackles of their tombs, broke their tombstones, crazed and ........... ..eurekkkkkka !!!!!!!


I went to Casa Cruz (a traditional art shop in Rio de Janeiro) and bought paints, brushes, a small canvas and all necessary material for a beginner. I returned home and recorded my first scribbles (oil on canvas, absolute abstractionism, almost contemporary). My first work !! I stayed for many days staring, trying to identify, give a name, give life, give a meaning (after all were the colors of the national flag on screen finally !!!). For days neither I, nor Dona Amorosa (my wife), nor friends or neighbors could give meaning to that magnanimous work. On one of those days of insomnia, full of inspiration, an attentive look and an open mind, as if by charm - I noticed a beautiful butt in the painting - yes a butt ... covered with a little blue bikini. Interestingly, it was just an ass, occupying the entire "huge" screen (5inx10in), covered in a small blue bikini. Everyone, a posteriori, agreed .... "Yes, of course, the work suggests a butt covered by a small bikini, of course!" Common comment !!!!


Partially unhappy with the result of the painting, with the disproportionality between the size of the screen and the walls of the apartment, as well as the theme not suitable for the small bedroom of a newborn, I decided to briefly increase the screen size to 32inx48in. Total delirium, pure ecstasy, rigid erection, multiple orgasms. I painted the Brazilian flag, stylized, beautiful, bright. Work worthy of the national pantheon and the bedroom of Ana Luiza. Wonderful!!!! From this day, through these life things and associated with our history, I integrated painting to my routine, to my life, in an intense, intuitive, enthusiastic and pleasurable way, almost by vital necessity (intellectual, rational, emotional, spiritual...)


I started to play with green, yellow, white and white to different shapes, stylizing the Brazilian flag and national things, crowding like house walls with the abstract symbolism of the national pantheon, creating a certain space problem for the works. What to do with so many pictures? I broke down some daily barriers and fears, got rid of some prejudices, and went to the sidewalk of Copacabana, on Av. Dazzled, life, shows and why they can not be taken on the screens, at an art fair that happens every Saturdays and Sundays at night. This is sensational, while enjoying on the street, devoid of some interests, various criticisms, approval and disapproval, encouragement and discouragement, both from passers-by and traveling companions - my issues were completely overcome, and passed to regularly attend the local and to get niche itself that sidewalk to democratic and familiar, almost that like a backyard from home. The most beautiful was the possibility and effectiveness of the colloquium on a theme of such and / or a framework, that is, mine was in full operation, since the theme was Brazil, its nuclei, its route and its values ​​above all, and an opportunity to have my nationalist ideology (not sectarian or separatist) - a company that communicates and others, mainly, that did not share this ideal - the business, the sale (incidentally, very poorly executed by me) was almost secondary.


After the manifestation of the national colors, I wanted to portray the colors of the Brazilian people, white, yellow, red or black, their miscegenation and variations, highlighting the beauty of these combinations. Then I had to register the representatives of these races, especially the Indians and the Negroes, their lives and their symbols. I gave color and form to the Brazilian religious syncretism, its mysteries, dogmas, offerings, props, angels, saints and archangels. I sought to portray the confusion of creeds and fetters imposed by orthodox religious institutions of any order, and the evil that this represents for the development, self-knowledge, evolution, and individuation of people. Henceforth the mixture of all this with the cosmos, on a marvelous journey, taking the moon as a point of observation of the disorganization and self-organization of the universe.


In 2005, I took a short break in painting to dedicate myself to sculpture, with the construction of my residence and atelier. Now with the sculpture / work almost completed (work never ends) I return to painting, with website, business card, atelier for shows and commercialization of works, suitable place to paint etc. Returning painting in an intuitive and experimental way, with the "humble" purpose of founding the "Simplifissist" or "Simplissifista" movement, which is based on inner truth, simplicity and beauty far from orthodox rationalism, without copy, without formal commitment to the trait, but on the other hand exuberant and unprepared in color (life), in its most noble manifestation, thriving by itself in color - a lot of color, a lot of color mixing (miscegenation) as vibrant if we are not, we should be by design of the creator and artist first. Adding still as the basis of the so-called new movement the interpretive purism of the truest emotions of the conscious, unconscious, spiritual being and what our van philosophy anticipates.


I understand and believe that free creation and expression, exercised in any form or order, without blockages influenced by technical, tactical, aesthetic, cultural, commercial, and free standards of fetters, is as wonderful as it is indispensable to the fullness of the individual.


I understand and believe to be the creation and artistic expression, a necessary gift to life, I am sure, and certainty, within the reach of all, whether through cooking, painting, sculpture, music, poetry, unpretentious record of entries in napkins from the restaurants of life, from the most significant creative invention for mankind, embroidery, avant-garde architecture, innovative design, dance, creative daydreaming, creation of new skateboarding maneuver, surfing ... Etc.


I understand and believe to be the creation and artistic expression of a cosmic, universalist journey towards our vital center, quantum of absolute truth of "us", rich and inexhaustible source of truth of our existence and our purpose, dictates guiding our intra, inter and extra relationship at high levels of unconsciousness in the direction and sense of the conscious.


I understand and believe to be the creation and artistic expression the grateful and grateful possibility of discovering ourselves and / or rediscovering ... Identifying our desires, wishes, values, defects, gifts, virtues, weaknesses, fears, strengths ... Understanding and believing to be the shortcut to self-knowledge - as if it were our way of Santiago, but much more within our reach than Compostela itself.



Construction and deconstruction of being !!!!

Every artist has his great work !!!!


As Dona Rosa (my mother) would say .... This boy always doing art !!!!


And keeps going ...........


Reminds someone !!!!

Renato Arcanjo Votto de Oliveira


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