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It is the act or effect of creating, of drawing out of nothing, extract from scratch. A take out of the nothing something accomplished by the intellect and awakened by the instinct, on account of a personal need conscious, unconscious, emotional, spiritual .....  it doesn't matter ...... creation is a personal need !!!!

It is the act of producing the new, consummated by the intellect, and awakened by instinct from a personal need. The creative mind interacts with what it loves.

It is the rupture of conscious structures, an episode of dissociation of the individual's psychic structure. It causes this individual to exhibit socially strange and different acts and behaviors, due to the momentary inability to think rationally - "it's the emotional, almost instinctive." (Concept also of Outbreak Psychotic !!!!).

Art and Artist

Art ..... is the most primitive graphic expression of homo sapiens found in nature. It has been present in man's life for some 30,000 years. Human's expression process of universe's evolution of conscious and unconscious, present, past and future, interpreting the evolution of the cosmic ecosystem, in the direct reason of the perception of our ethical, moral, spiritual, physical and mental evolution through the occurrence of creative instincts followed by skillful development, promoting sensations of aesthetic character and suggesting to the observer feelings of repulsion until identification, full or partial.

Artist ..... is the universal and multidirectional receiver and interlocutor of the present, past and future, conscious and unconscious, personal or collective concerns and sensations of the entire energy radiating element, which suddenly, as if by instinct and / or outbreak creates through various aesthetic forms the reflection of these sensations and develops them with gift, skill and specific technique in a procedural way, devoid of dogmatic shackles socio-political-economic-cultural .....

Relation Art and Artist ...... is the practical and infinite possibility of a colloquy between the human being and his identity or truth or universe conscious, unconscious and spiritual, in the direction and sense of knowing himself, on the way to the process of universal individuation.

My art

It represents everything or almost everything of myself. It represents my psychic need to express feelings and emotions of every order that are constantly boiling in the black hole of my self. It represents a bit of the conscious, but much of the unconscious personal and collective restless and unknown. It represents the personal unconscious nourished by absolutely all the impressions, sensations and perceptions traversed by the six sense organs - especially by the sixth, which filters out the actual organic needs.

It is the expression plotted in simple lines and planes, with a minimum of strokes and a maximum of color. It is the presence of color over the rigor of the drawing and the classic graphic form, aiming at maximum expression. In short, a simplistic or simplistic graphic in vibrant colors, characterized by contemporary conceptual and abstract art that interprets emotions and things that promote emotion.   

Art Dalí

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